Antony J. Sudegy

Antony J. Sudegy

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Кирилл Н.

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Мурат С.

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Сергей Д.

Huddinge Gruppen AB is a dynamically developing company in the freight transportation market, which provides a full range of professional services in the field of transport logistics and freight transportation.

We provide a full range of logistics services and offer customers the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

The goal of our work is to maximize customer satisfaction in logistics services. Transport company "Huddinge Gruppen AB" guarantees the safety of goods at all stages of transportation. Your personal manager will develop the best route and select the required rolling stock, and you will always be sure that your cargo is in safe hands and will be delivered to the destination exactly on time.

Huddinge Gruppen AB - the success of your business!


1. Experienced, professional staff

2. Prompt solution of any tasks

3. Selection of individual conditions in working with each client

4. Skills and skills of working with a diverse range of goods

5. Great technical capabilities for the implementation of any order

The success of a business largely depends on how well the delivery of goods is organized. Timely, reliable and safe transportation of goods and equipment is a prerequisite for the development of virtually every enterprise.

We have a wealth of experience in the organization of cargo transportation by various types of transport and offer the most effective solutions based on the individual characteristics of each project.

High professionalism, focus on the interests of the customer, the observance of delivery terms, as well as favorable tariffs provide us with regular customers among the leaders of various sectors of the economy.

Each customer we provide professional service, ensuring the safety and efficiency of delivery. Relations with customers are based on the principles of long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

We comprehensively approach each project, using all necessary resources. Our experts are ready at any time to advise you on any logistics, financial or legal issues. We do everything so that the delivery of goods was organized in the most profitable and convenient way for the client.

Order the selection of transport and route.

Our manager will contact you and will offer an effective way to deliver your cargo.